Saturday, September 26, 2015

Are You Comfortable In Your Own Skin?

People are complicated.  Every day we have choices to make, and those choices shape how others see us, and more importantly how God sees us.  Most first impressions are decided by outward appearances.  That’s human nature.  Thankfully, we can rest in the beautiful fact that God couldn’t care less what we look like, because He is looking at our hearts, and what is being reflected out of them.  That is where He sees our beauty or lack thereof.

He knows WHY we make the choices we do as to how we will spend our time.  Is it for appearances OR is it to help others or ourselves improve physically, emotionally or spiritually?

He knows WHY we choose to treat the grocery store clerk with kindness OR ignore them during the transaction.

He knows WHY we choose to invite people into our lives OR stay in an exclusive clique making others feel excluded.

He sees YOU.  The real YOU.  Just like He sees the real ME.  Eek!  Scary? Yes, but He loves me anyway.

I like to think that I’m comfortable in my own skin.  I have come to accept the gray hairs that I cover with blonde (that’s acceptance, right?), the fact that I am under 5 feet tall and not the skinniest chick you’ll come across (yes, I know I need to exercise more frequently), and the scars have mostly faded from having severe cystic acne as a teen (well, the physical ones anyway).  However, while watching the Emmys last week, as Frances McDormand accepted an award, I noted that she wore a dress that was appropriate, but she wore no makeup and her hair looked normal, and I thought “Now, that’s a woman who is just comfortable in her own skin.”

That isn’t easy to do.  I am 46 years old, and getting closer every day but I pray every day that I reflect the light of Christ to other people.  I don’t always succeed in that effort, but it there is any inner beauty seen in me, it comes from Him.

I love I Samuel 16:7 “ But the LORD said to Samuel, “Don’t judge by his appearance or height, for I have rejected him.  The LORD doesn’t see things the way you see them.  People judge by outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”  God had told Samuel to go to Israel and anoint a new king.  Samuel was being human, judging on appearances, seeing who looked the part of being a powerful king, but God had already chosen David and he didn’t look the part…on the outside anyway, but David’s heart was what God was saw.

It can be hurtful when people say things about your appearance.  The emotional scars from that can last a long, long time. It can affect your confidence until you find the strength to be who God wants you to be.  Take comfort in knowing that God sees your heart.  He knows WHY you make the choices you do, He knows WHY you put up walls or take them down. He knows YOU.  

I hope as you grow to know Him better, you become more and more comfortable being who God created you to be, relying on Him for strength.  I pray that for myself as well.

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