Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February Love Letters- Love Transcends All Boundaries by Brittany Ketter

I thought and I prayed long and hard about these words that I write to you.  After a few weeks the question that I felt God was prompting my heart with was this, "What is the greatest outpouring of love you have ever received?" And, "What is the greatest outpouring of love that you have given?"

 The gift of salvation through Jesus Christ is the greatest outpouring of love I have ever received. I am not meaning to sound cliche here - He really is. Aside from Jesus, memories of the people I was so privileged to minister to in El Salvador, Phoenix, and New York City flood my mind. 3 mission trips, 3 different years, each one life-changing in a unique way. New York City was my first trip. I thought I was going to bless some people and witness on the streets. I was not prepared for the tsunami that swept over my heart when I met these kids at a day camp that my group and I put on a Vacation Bible School for. There was one girl in particular who really captured my heart, Brianna. To this day I'm not sure how she captured me so, but even after 4 years, she still remains in my prayers.

In El Salvador I learned that love transcends all boundaries. It is a language all on its own. If you are fluent in love, you can reach anyone.

Phoenix was a whole new group of people - and a lot of young kids in far less than wholesome situations. One of the neighborhoods that our team worked during the trip was the location of an axe murder that took place the day before we got there. To think that these children live surrounded by that kind of violence - it is heart breaking. Those children touched my life in a deep way through their hunger for love. Everyone needs it. 

During these trips my love for people has deepened, and through these experiences, God has re-shaped my view. Growing up, I had the mindset that life really begins when I get married and begin a family. I couldn't have been more wrong. That is just a part of life - just like singleness is a part of my life right now. What I've found through these mission trips is that a life truly lived is one that is lived in love.

It is not always easy being a single Christian woman. At times I find myself in a state of longing - I do so desire to marry and have a family one day. Beyond that, I long to see the glory of God made manifest in my life and in the lives of those who I come into contact with.

Love is not just for couples. I want to encourage you if you are a single Christian woman - embrace this season of singleness and press into the heart of God. These are the days that He is shaping you for what is to come.  If you want to truly live and experience life, you need to love radically. How better can you love radically than to know Love Himself?

The greatest outpouring of love that you can give is the knowledge of salvation to a lost soul who needs Jesus. Is there really a higher privilege than being able to introduce someone to Jesus Christ and eternal life? I'm not so sure there is.

I want to challenge you - think about the greatest outpouring of love you have ever received and then give out that same kind of love. You will never be the same.

 Brittany Lee Ketter
Twitter: @Brittany_Lee22

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